Welcome to all Vertcoin Miners.

Maximize your hashing power: Miners with 100 MH/s or more use: alice.artnrg.com:9171 -- Miners with less than 100MH/s use: alice.artnrg.com:9181

Be aware that P2pool will only start paying you when you "share". if you don't keep hashing until your Time-To-Share you will not be paid. Make sure you can keep your miner connected past your Time-To-Share.

If your Time-to-Share is greater than ~2.5 days you may never actually "share". See the p2pool FAQ.

>> Vertcoin p2pool FAQ <<

P2Pool Status

We strive to have the Lowest reject rate on the network.
  • Global Pool Hashrate:
  • Local Pool Hashrate:
  • Current Block Value:

List of Miners

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Node Information

The node fee helps pay for the cloud server and .25% to the developers of p2pool.

  • Node Peers: /
  • Node p2pool Version:
  • Node Fee:
  • Node Uptime:
  • Protocol Version:
  • Node P2pool Donation:

Recent Blocks

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